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Styled by: Pay Homage Dallas 


   If your in Dallas, Tx .... Im sure this weather is starting to get the best of you, but as i seen Chicago temperature today at -12 degrees, I felt grateful to have this little 54 degrees with a peek of sunshine in the great state of Texas. (Smile) Anywho, to our surprise the GUAP GOds must have been smiling upon the new recording artist Crystal X by way of Sunny South Dallas, Tx this past weekend as she prepared to shoot her upcoming video to her new single. Some say she is the modern day Mia X, and we have to agree.

We were recently contacted to not only style but to be apart of her new visual for her new hit, and we were automatically thrilled to accept the honor and challenge. If you know anything about Crystal X, you'll know she is a very diverse artist, and in knowing that we wanted to help her express those optics of every aspect of her with her first visual. 

We started off in the iconic "Fabrication Yard" located here in Dallas - wearing our Infamous "Balifornia" oversized tee dyed and Fried/ w bandanna ascents. Streedded, and sent through hell and back. The sexy lace knee high boots were a great addition showing off her vivacious curves and the matching headband was a "gangsta boo" cherry on top. 

The #PayHomage #joggers got a cameo with a sexy mesh jersey and we finished the day with a dope "Cheers to the Hometeam" @GetGuap collegiate sweater,(that i have to say,  soldout pretty quick). 

She also wore the #PayHOmage joggers and custom "Rain Man" mask thats available now! Only made 5 of those by the way! (wink)  We also threw in the Oh So legendary Richard Pryor "Showtime" over sized tee for that sassy laid back feel in the studio. These looks came together great. Adding our vision to this epic moment was exactly the type of service we love to create. A atmosphere of good energy and creativity, with great people. We most definitely look forward to working with her again and cant wait to you guys hear this new female vibe coming out of the Triple D. 

Check Out her new video and follow her on instagram at @Crystalx_business1st

If your interested in our Styling services for videos or events please contact us at : 

Commemoration Time


We were recently invited to be apart of the #OwnItEvents - Holiday Fashion Show 12/16/18. Where we participated in three different categories. 
  • NEW WAVE (TRENDS 2019)

The week was stressful and everything that could go wrong, went wrong. From models canceling, to our MUA losing her makeup equipment a couple hours before show. We are perfectionist so we will  never feel fully prepared,lol..... but we were seriously unprepared for this event. 
Were used to making something out of nothing and that's exactly what Our head Designer  
Koco BlaQ main objective always is. Like I always say:


Believe this is the mantra we live by and the panic button is never a thought. After Koco's found  some great models at the last minute like Selfmade Bri , an amatuer model, whom we worked with many time before that will most definitely be gracing some magazines soon and Zach Price, a great published model whom we never worked with before but after this weekend you'll most definitely be seeing his face more often.  He came down to Dallas, Tx from Wichita Falls, just to be in the show. So things just fell in place I guess. After Our expressive designs and display at show we brought home the Most Innovative Designer Award 2018 for these one of a kind fashions. All our pieces are hand touched, originally designed, and made with time and dedication, and to be recognize for your craftsmanship and creativity is a feeling that's hard to put into words. Were grateful and appreciative, but like all dollar bills, its hard to just have one! Follow our journey @PayHomage_Dallas  

Don't end up looking like this doing it yourself, or trying to source from your homegirl who just took her first sewing class! Lol Now we don't want to slow down anyones entrepreneurship, or rain on your parade, just make sure your not getting a Gordon Gartrell look alike!  

Were creators for the people of course, so we dont want to just give you our chaotic visions of art, we want to produce your creative ideas into reality as well. We create walking art, so give us an idea and we will run with it. Were always creating for our PAID family, follow us on instagram to see some of our work @PayHomage_Dallas  

Just recently we created a custom piece like no other for #DWMG (Dirty Water Music Group) music artist MikeyMcFly and i'm sure it was a head turner at @RollingLoud this past weekend in Los Angeles. We basiclly tunred an authentic Army jacket into a Trench vest,.....if thats a thing. LoL Which its not, but who cares, were Rockstars and we live life like it. No rules, No color barrier, No wrong choices. Just lessons and organized chaos!
Check out the patchwork on this jacket! We extended it, added all types of flavor flannel material, maybe due to holidays or we just love flannel, you never know with us. We love the lumberjack look, what can i say! This is real deconstruction and reconstruction. If you look closely you can see the denim jeans we added to the jacket as well. All raw cut edge, because we wanted to express our boys aura through this jacket. What do you think of this Trench? Follow @PayHomage_Dallas

This is another custom piece we recently created for our PAID Family. We wanted to make our own rendition of the patch work jump suit, so we created one from an authentic US Navy fabric and custom fabric we sourced. Adding custom created Geisha prints on patches. We call this piece "Gangsta Geisha"  


At Rolling Loud


This Past weekend in Los Angeles at the @RollingLoud Festival our very own #MikeyMcFly was in attendance and wearing some custom threads that i'm sure turned a few heads. We created a custom trench for McFly sourced from an authentic army jacket. So we basically turned a Army jacket into a Trench Vest of not really but sort of. It came out dope, but thats another story well touch deeper points on, think well name that blog article "Custom Tings"! He also wore Our PayHomage joggers and matching Culture Vulture tee, which  is a must. Its that simple throw on that makes a hell of a statement. Were almost soldout and wont restock those pieces by the way, so if you missed them sorry, but its not too late and if you have a pair- Welcome to the Paid family!

We also caught our boy @Tankhead666 which is one of @Xxxtentacion artist from Florida flamed in our #ROJO tee, which is soldout as well. If you haven't downloaded the new #XXXtentacion album #Skins you missing out. Available everywhere!

Mikey McFly Pay Homage Dallas

Music artist by the way of California, now residing in Dallas, Tx Mikey McFly has teamed up with #PayHomageDallas to create tour merch and styling for his highly anticipated #DARE album (Drugs Are Really Expensive) with hit song "Suicide". 

He is signature for performing in his fluffy RED robe! So We recently designed and created a couple dope one of one robe 2.0 for our boy.
(Above) He is wearing a black robe designed by #PayHomageDallas with custom patches and flames everywhere. This piece embodies his aura.

Come see his merch online at 

These pieces are novelty products and wont last. We have 28 dates. After that they wont be available! 



  Curator of everything Cool

@PayHomage_Dallas was invited to be apart of the TrapXArt show this week and it was anything short of amazing. We met some great people, dope artist, and gained some great ideas and experience to rack it up. We’re a brand of individuality and self expression and to be in the midst of like minded curators is an experience you can’t beat. Can’t wait for the next show‼️ Until then follow us on Instagram and checkout our new pieces at 

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